About us

Riversea is a company specializing in the creation and sale of jewelry, clothing and accessories inspired by travel. Founded in 2019, Riversea has distinguished itself with its unique aesthetic and use of high quality materials, including 925 silver.

The business owner found her inspiration in the beautiful landscapes and rich culture encountered on her trip to Hawaii. Deeply touched by the beauty of the place, she decided to create a brand that would capture this essence with the aim of sharing it with the rest of the world.

Riversea jewelry is made from 925 silver, an alloy of pure silver and other metals, which gives it exceptional durability and shine. The company's artisan places meticulous care in creating each piece, drawing inspiration from natural elements such as ocean waves, exotic floral designs and traditional Hawaiian symbols.

In addition to jewelry, Riversea also offers a range of clothing and accessories that reflect the spirit of travel and adventure. The clothes are designed with high quality fabrics and unique designs. Accessories, on the other hand, complement Riversea's style perfectly, with bags, glasses, hair clips and other items.

Over the years, Riversea has gained recognition for its commitment to the quality, originality and durability of its products. The company also strives to promote ethical practices by working with responsible suppliers and supporting local businesses trying to break into their market.

Today, Riversea continues to inspire travelers through its unique designs. Whether reminiscing on a journey past or dreaming of adventures to come, Riversea jewelry, apparel and accessories capture the spirit of escape and that desire for adventure.

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